Like the Full Moon, the New Moon is one of the times when the energy of the moon affects the world and people who live in this world intensely. Therefore, since ancient times, people have considered the New Moon to be the perfect time for initiation, new beginnings and planting seeds. And, in this special time, they  practice appropriate rituals accordingly.

You can also benefit from the energy of the New Moon by reviewing the course of your life, clarifying what you want to happen, your intentions and good wishes!

There are many different methods you can try for this. Basically, since the New Moon is a beginning time, rituals focus on establishing the appropriate energy ground for a material or spiritual start. So here is our New Moon ritual you can follow each month.

Since the moon has such a powerful connection with water, a special bath (with bath salt and essential oils) will be the perfect start to be prepared the ritual.

       Cleanse your space:

Cleanse your living space by opening your doors and windows so any unwanted energy can leave. Then, light the sage or palo salto for around 30 seconds, then blow on it to create smoke. Burn a white or blue candle around your ritual space.
After you’ve cleansed your space this is the time to allow yourself to rest and listen to your mind and soul. Close your eyes, and connect with your breath.
write down intentions


After ten minutes meditation, grab a blank paper, and get writing all your wishes and plans by going with the flow.  
All you need is asking with your soul and heart to make a fresh start. Because when you ask with all your heart, keep in mind that no obstacle can stand in your way! Now, calm down. Listen to your heart.
After you have finished writing, sit quietly for a while and review your written wishes. Do not include anything you think is redundant on your list.
It will also be good for you to sit in the fresh air for a while after the ritual and leave the list you have written to the water or the wind. Always listen to your intuition!

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