About Me


About me

I am PINAR ! A marketing professional with extensive experience in the telecommunication industry. Throughout my career, I have focused on segmentation, branding, product management, customer acquisition, and growth strategies. With the knowledge and expertise gained over the years, I strive to provide customer-centric solutions and implement successful projects. I keep a close eye on industry trends, analyze customer needs, and conduct competitor analysis to shape my strategies. In the competitive landscape of the related industry, I take pride in offering solutions that help brands establish a strong position and engage with their target audience effectively.

My clients trust me to deliver customized solutions for achieving exceptional brand, business, and operational success. Through creative concepts and owned assets, I effectively capture, translate, and communicate the essence of their companies, fostering revenue growth and community expansion, resulting in increased equity for stakeholders. With a strong emphasis on online and social engagement, I engage target audiences on a large scale.

Each client receives a personalized consultant and management service, tailored to improving brand perception, business equity, and overall revenue, aligning with ExCo objectives. I provide comprehensive strategy, project leadership, and team development, offering a full range of branding and marketing services to drive success and growth.