Our Materials and Craftsmanship

We design our products in London inspiring by the functionality that the complex city life in London and Istanbul requires and refined simplicity that can only be achieved by using the materials derived by the nature itself. We aim to offer design pieces that are constructed by using only the highest-quality natural materials in a contemporary approach. 



Panacea Atelier handbags and accessories are meticulously crafted by our experienced artisans in Istanbul by using high-quality, natural and hand woven fabrics. In our first collection, we not only prefer minimum processed, natural and long-lasting materials for our handbags but also provide our handbags in a structured form rather than a soft form in order to acquire refined look. Thus, you realize at a glance that a #panaceabag is much more than an ordinary cloth bag. We also use high quality zipper and magnetic snap-button closures and semi-precious stones for each bag.


As Panacea Atelier, we spend considerable amount of time and effort from design to craftsmanship. We design our products in accordance with their function. Also, thanks to the materials we use, we can always keep our designs unique for each Panacea Atelier customer. 

We use %100 cotton, mostly hand-woven fabrics for our handbags including lining and inner label parts. We love that handwoven fabrics provide the natural texture to the handbags but you should be aware that there may be some variation in the weaving due to the nature of handwoven fabrics. Naturally woven fabrics may not offer a flawless look, but we believe that designs made of natural materials, processed with traditional methods are more perfect than any of them. 

The semi-precious stones and glass beads which we use for our handbags and accessories are beyond detail for us. For each design, we delicately pick most convenient semi-precious stone or glass bead. As a result of this, your #panaceabag will be unique and different from other #panaceabags due to either the shape or color variation of the natural stone which is used.