Our Story

Until quite recently, I could not have imagined I’d be launching my own brand but here I am! After a decade in the professional life as a marketeer, I’ve confronted the truth that I skipped to chase after my real desires. I have obtained tremendous experience in corporate life but now it's time to start my own journey.

My common passion on handcrafted accessories has driven me to create Panacea Atelier by using my business know-how and visual skills. When I started this journey, that was one thing clear, I should design accessories with a sustainable approach without sacrificing style. 

And beyond that, what if our handbags help us to manage all day stress and anxiety? In this way, it wouldn’t be just an ordinary bag, it would be a panacea for us.

In the light of all these thoughts, we prepared our first Panacea eco-bag collection which will be perfect companion for the women in city life. We are fully inspired by the nature that surrounds us.

Basic and pure textures and striking semi-precious stones are key elements of our bags.  For the upcoming days, we continue to share new designs by keeping our enthusiasm and also our promises. 

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