Our Philosophy

Panacea Atelier is a brand born from slow fashion approach and pure materials derived from the nature. We offer refined, natural and customized bag and accessory collection which responds the needs of women who are more mindful about what they consume.

slow fashion

We try to give a sense of caring not just through our production process but through each detail of our bags which are designed for making our customers feel better. We also prefer to communicate with our customers by displaying honest, sincere and authentic characteristics about our products.

Our main goal is being a feel-good brand which offers well-made bags and accessories with a responsible understanding for the nature by providing a supportive environment to all our stakeholders.

our values

Our values include valuing people and nature because each human being on our planet and our planet itself are unique and deserve treating with courtesy and respect.  

Easiness, authenticity and refinement are keys in our approach to seek and present the best and genuine products.